"Ropeless Tree Pruner"
Forfex LLC
Technical Details
Product Description:

A. Product Materials/Construction

The “HOOK-N-PULL™” is made of the toughest fiberglass material that is
covered with a polyurethane coating for durability and a smooth finish.  
We use fiberglass poles for a number of other reasons:

  • it is lightweight
  • it is non-conductive
  • it does not warp
  • it can withstand the toughest weather conditions
  • finest metal combined with heat treatment for most durable blade  

“HOOK-N-PULL™” is the only ropeless tree pruner in the world that has a triple power pulley system combined with the leverage arm, power blade,
sliding shaft and internal steel cable, and a built-in tension tightener to advance above all other conventional tree pruners.

B. Application/Uses:

Since our background is in lawn and garden/landscaping, we use the “HOOK-N-PULL™” daily.  We also get a considerable amount of feedback from
users in the field everyday.  It is one thing to design a great product but it is another to design a great usable product that can be dependable, durable,
light, and easy to use.  The
“HOOK-N-PULL™” is the first ropeless pruner that can be used in a 1-hand operation, simply hook onto the branch and
pull the handle with 1 hand.  It uses leverage and gravity combined with built-in mechanical advantages to work for you.  All other conventional tree
pruner whether consumer or professional grade all utilize an external rope which can be hazardous to use, tedious, and often cumbersome.   

Conventional tree pruning shears are typically provided with a pole of fixed length, a shearing mechanism located at one end of the pole, and an
operating cable attached to the pruning mechanism and extending the length of the pole for remote operation of the shearing mechanism.  However, the
convention cutting action requires a great deal of force from its operator because there is no leverage and it is unbalanced.  In addition, the operating
cord hangs freely outside the pole causing the cord to snag on other branches or twigs,
reducing the cutting force, and requiring time and effort to
untangle the operating cord.  In fact, just trying to balance the pole or pivoting it against your body cause you to use most of your energy already.  While
others spend much time on balancing the pole, struggling pulling the rope to cut a single branch, the
“HOOK-N-PULL™” is able to cut tree limbs with
ease.  There is no balancing act, no pivoting against the body, or bruising your hand with the dangling rope.  Simply let the
“HOOK-N-PULL™” work for
you by hooking the branch and pulling the handle.  Why is it so easy to use?  How is this possible?

C. A few reasons why The “HOOK-N-PULL™” is the world’s ultimate ropeless tree pruner.

1) Ropeless:  The internal steel cable is tied to the sliding shaft at one end and is looped through a 3 pulley system connected to the leverage arm at
the other end.  As the shaft is pulled, the steel cable starts moving as it pulls on the pulley connected to the arm causing the blade to engage in the cut.  
It can be a two hand operation where one hand is on the sliding shaft and the other is on the handle, or it can be a one hand operation by hooking the
branch and yanking on the sliding shaft.

Power Blade:  The blade was engineered to be the best in the world!  Pay close attention to the elbow of the blade.  It is designed to maximize the cut
with very little effort with the use of the pivot at the elbow of the power blade.  This blade is unique for its corner elbow and its arch.  By utilizing the pivot
at the bolt (midpoint), the arch of the blade is able to smoothly slide and cut using less effort.  How is this possible?  Consider a car jack: by using a pivot
point, the user is able to lift a ton with a leveraging mechanism.  This is the same concept.  With a specially designed arch with a leveraging elbow, the
HOOK-N-PULL™ maximizes the cut with minimal force.  However; this is only possible with the help of the power leverage arm.   

Power Leverage Arm:  This links the cable, pulley system, and the blade through a unique spring that is able to retract the blade back to the original
position after the cut is made.  This design is made possible by the sliding of the custom designed bolt at the opposite end of the blade tied to the sliding
slot of the power leverage arm.

Hidden Spring:  In terms of a standard spring in a rope system: as the arm fully extends and then retracts, it often snags, pick leaves and small
branches along the way causing the user to stop and remove the unwanted foreign leaves and branches.  However, with the
“HOOK-N-PULL™”, this is
no longer an issue.  The spring is tucked away behind the arm so that the arm can move through leaves and unwanted branches without touching the
spring.  The design is so aerodynamic that leaves and branches will slide by and slip off so that once the hook is on, the rest is in the pull.

Power Pulley System:  The Triple Pulley System was designed to reduce force exerted by the user to complete the cut.  Each pulley is carefully
calculated to reduce the amount of force exerted.  By using 3 pulleys, 2 fixed and one moving, it was specifically engineered to assist a lighter and easier
cut.   There is no mechanical advantage in pruners with a direct pulley system.  The triple pulley system was tested against other direct pulley pruners
and the result was a phenomenal difference in ease of use between the
“HOOK-N-PULL™” compared to rope direct pulley system.

Power Sliding Shaft:  The power sliding shaft slides as minimum downward-force is applied until the blade connects the branch as it follows through
the cut.  This is all possible by the internal steel cable attached to the end of the shaft hooking around the power pulley re-directing the cut back into the
power blade as force is applied.  Our tight tolerance design makes the sliding shaft merely frictionless for a smooth operation by using a ¾” internal
fiberglass tube sliding inside the upper guiding red cap.  This leads to the internal steel cable which brings everything together.

Internal Steel Cable:  Most all of the conventional tree pruners use an external rope of
some kind.  With usage over time, the rope may be stretched, loosened, or possibly even break.  With the internal steel cable, this is no longer an issue.  
Everything operates from the inside which means you don’t have to worry about hurting your hands, the rope stretching, or breaking.  The
is the only true ropeless pruner that is invented with the internal steel cable for durability, ease of use, and it will surpass all pruners in the


The “HOOK-N-PULL™” is distinguished from conventional tree pruners in that it can be used by people of all ages; from professionals to homemaker,
young or old, from the simplest job to the biggest landscaping projects, the
“HOOK-N-PULL™” is the ultimate tool for pruning trees.  Don’t waste your
time with conventional tree pruners which are heavy and cumbersome.  Trimming trees is already hard work so why make it harder by having to lift a
heavy pole, while pulling on an external rope, and having to balance yourself all at the same time, which can be quite hazardous.  Let leverage and
mechanical advantage work for you.  With the
“HOOK-N-PULL™”, all you have to do is lift the lightweight fiberglass pole, hook it onto the desired branch
and pull the shaft.  It is sooo easy that it can even be performed with one hand.  This tool redefines “ease of use” for the tree pruning industry.  With all of
its features, no wonder the
“HOOK-N-PULL™” is the world’s ultimate ropeless tree pruner.
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