"Ropeless Tree Pruner"
Forfex LLC
Company Overview:
tree pruner Forfex LLC is dedicated to develop the most efficient
tools since 1996.  For years, our passion for constructing
and maintaining beautiful landscape designs has become
something much greater. We now are focusing on
innovative tools that will assist not only ourselves but
many others to do daily job much easier and faster.  This
is why we made and patented the ultimate tree pruner
called the “

Over the last century, tree pruners have become a
necessary tool for both consumers and professionals.  
During recent years, our product carried a different name
and was sold to Home Depot under “Pull-N-Prune.”  Now
we developed the new and improved the world’s ultimate
ropeless tree pruner, the incredible
aka the HOOKNPULL™.

Our mission is quite simple:
to make the world's ultimate tree pruner!
Forfex LLC.  P.O. Box 4623; Santa Clara, CA 95650.                 Email: ForfexLL@ForfexLLC.com                           Phone: (408) 420-4377